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Rectifiable polyominoes, Bibliography and Data
Box collection (boxable polycubes) in ascii for now
Klarner Systems and Tiling Boxes with Polyominoes
Tile Homotopy Groups
Tiling with Similar Polyominoes
Tiling with Notched Cubes, (with Robert Hochberg)
Tiling a Square with Eight Congruent Polyominoes
Tiling Rectangles and Half Strips with Congruent Polyominoes
Letter to the editor of Journal of Recreational Mathematics
An odd rectangle tiled by L4m+2 by Philippe Rosselet
More planned ...
Andrew Clarke's Poly Pages
Karl Dahlke's polyomino page
Polyominoes at David Eppstein's Geometry Junkyard
Peter Esser's polyform page
Jorge Luis Mireles' Polypolyomino pages
George Sicherman's polyform curiosities
Tiling and Packing results of Torsten Sillke
The Official WebOOG Home Page
Puzzle Fun web page
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